Don’t let the muscle guy on the logo fool you… we are a co-ed fitness gym with a great atmosphere.  Female members feel very comfortable at Legendary Fitness because we have a close knit group of members, 24 hour surveillance, parking out front and a controlled entrance.  Not to mention we have everything you need to get into shape.  Whether your goal is to train as a fitness model, to lose a large amount of weight or just to lose a few inches and tone up, Legendary Fitness is an excellent choice for women!

We’re not just about heavy weights either.  We have numerous types of cardio machines, free weights, steps, resistance and other equipment.  Our free weights start at just 3 lbs, so there really is something for everyone.  If you are unsure of how to use any of the equipment, just let us know.  We’ll be happy to show you how everything works.  And we’ll continue to show you, until you are comfortable with everything.

Of course, as part of a balanced fitness program, we highly encourage women to incorporate strength training into their routines, because in addition to helping you become stronger, it also helps you to burn fat on the days you aren’t in the gym.  Women will also feel relief from sore joints, aches and imbalances from building new muscle.

You’ll look fabulous in your clothes (and NO you won’t get big and bulky) and you may even lift up some areas that could use a little pick me up, without surgery.

Call us today and get started today at Legendary Fitness! 

519 219 1113