Legendary Fitness is committed to providing a clean, well-balanced and safe work-out environment, where our gym members feel like they are valued as individuals.

We believe that the gym represents a person’s time away from it all. A place where people relieve stress and take pride in maintaining their health and fitness. We also understand that finding the time away can be a challenge; that’s why we believe a gym should be open 24/7.

As well, no person should feel intimidated and avoid working out in a gym environment just because they don’t understand the way the machines work or because using a personal trainer can be an expensive option. We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure everyone feels comfortable at Legendary Fitness.

We are committed to delivering on these beliefs by providing an open, fun, relaxed and overall great place to be, all while keeping membership costs at an affordable price.

We hope you’ll agree…

Our Value is Legendary!