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Here is just a sample of what our members have to say about Legendary Fitness:

***** – Dec 2017

Great local gym.

***** – March 2017

Clean, tidy, no nonsense gym. Easy to access and equipped with plenty of iron. This is my second home. Dave is always willing to get you started if you’re new, and there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from lifters of varied backgrounds. Buy into the team atmosphere. Ask. Listen. Learn.

***** – Feb 2017

A no-nonsense gym at a great price. If you’re serious about training, look no further.

***** – Feb 2017

Legendary Fitness is a privately owned gym that anyone looking to get a membership should heavily consider. If you’re looking to get stronger, lose weight, or just feel more energetic without feeling like you’re being judged then legendary fitness is the gym to go to. Legendary fitness is a very inclusive co-ed gym, the members here are all very nice people, and it is never crowded. The owner Dave has a every machine and power rack you need as well as a good amount of cardio machines. It would be nice if there were some bikes that worked, and he also has a nice amount of warmup, and mobility tools. All in all, if you’re looking to spend a bit more then $10 a month so you’re not crammed in a packed gym full of muscle heads then this is the place to go. Highly recommend

* * * * * – 16 Feb, 2012
This is THE GYM to head to. This is the third gym I have ever been a member of and it is BY FAR the best. Friendly atmosphere, great staff and best of all… EVERYONE IS THERE TO WORK. There’s no smoothie bar, no tanning salon, no sauna, just you and the iron. Truthfully, everything you could ever need to reach your fitness goals is contained within this two floor facility. The owner (Dave) will answer any and all questions you have regarding fitness and nutrition. He’ll set up the optimal workout regimen for your body type/fitness level/goals. On top of that, he’ll even train with you… FOR FREE! Full 24-hour/365 day access. No early closes or late opens on weekends. Memberships are limited so you NEVER have to wait for a machine. Get in, work out, go home. Legendary genuinely cares about helping you be fit, healthy and reaching your fitness goals. Rather than signing up as many bodies as the square footage will allow, knowing the majority of people will never return… Dave wants to see you there! The entire place is very clean and well-maintained. This place is LEGEN-wait for it……. DARY!!!

* * * * * – 15 Feb, 2012
Legendary Fitness is a close knit family of people that want to succeed and reach personal goals in fitness. Friendly atmosphere, great members and helpful management.

* * * * * – 8 Feb, 2012
Very impressive place with an owner who cares about his gym and his members. Never having lifted weights before, I was quite intimidated by anything but cardio equipment. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the owner, Dave, who is a certified personal training would himself teach me everything I needed to know and to set up a program to meet my fitness goals – all as part of the very reasonable membership fee! He took the time to train me and to give me the knowledge I needed to begin a weight lifting program, and continues to ask me how things are going and is more than happy to offer additional advice. The gym is his ‘baby’, and it shows. The place is clean, the equipment is always being updated, he gets to know all of his members, and as a result Legendary has many happy and loyal customers (as seen by these reviews). On top of that, your access key gets you in 24hrs a day, 365 days a year; he stocks a good selection of supplements which he sells to members at cost; cardio equipment have TVs; there is a high-end drinking water filtration system; and the showers/washrooms/locker rooms (in addition to the gym itself) are always clean. Forget the chain gyms, go see Dave at Legendary Fitness!

* * * * * – 7 Nov, 2011
Best gym by far! I’ve been a fitness fitness member for 2 years, took some time off and was in the search for a new gym. After checking gym after gym, i came across Legendary fitness. A gym that i have heard of before, but never seen. Gave the owner Dave a email to set up a time to come take a look around. From the moment i walked through the door i was sold. Finally a REAL GYM, not a tanning salon. Dave gave me a tour right on the spot. Equipment is great, has everything you could possibly need. Good tunes playing all the time, not Shania twain playing quietly in the background like most gyms. The owner is a very good guy and takes the time get to know you. You don’t have to be afraid to ask any questions because he is always willing to answer any you may have. Just starting back up, i was a little bit worried about working out around all the more advanced lifters but after going there a few times that changed. The members are very friendly, always there for a spot, and very helpful when it comes to tips and any other questions. Its a very friendly environment. Membership is also a great price, worth every dollar. Check the gym out!! Give Dave a call today! You wont regret it.

~ Our Value is Legendary!